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Daily Brief(ly) – Hold the Onions

[TRANSCRIPT] Fingers: Man shows everyone his onions, over onions. That’s up next on the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) Fingers: This is the Enough Already Daily Brief(ly) I’m Fingers Malloy, she’s Tracy L. Connors. Tracy, do you like onions? Tracy: No. Fingers: You don’t like onions? Tracy: No, I do not. Fingers: You know who else doesn’t like onions? Tracy: Who? Fingers: Yuba Sharma. Tracy: I’m not familiar with Yuba. Tell me more. Fingers: You have the story. Tracy: Oh, then I’ll tell you more. This is from the Toronto Sun – Upset over onions – drunk man exposes himself and...

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Bill O’Reilly Out, Tucker In, Resistance Claiming Victory!

Apparently, if you identify as a man, you can’t go up to a female coworker and say:

“Hey, nice day. Huh, sugar tits?”

That kind of workplace chatter is so 1950. This is 2017, which is unfortunate for blokes like Bill O’Reilly. Bill was shown the door at Fox this week over allegations that he sexually harassed some gals at Fox.

O’Reilly remains defiant and denies the harassment claims.

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United Airlines’ PR Nightmare Continues

United Airlines has had the kind of month that could drive a public relations director to drink. First there was the “we should drag a guy off the plane to open up a seat for one of our employees” bit. The video of the bloodied passenger being yanked out of his seat is included in the Jimmy Kimmel video above.

As bad as that incident was, two more stories have hit the internets that have kept the spotlight on United’s customer service. First, a bride and groom, on the way to their wedding, claim that they were kicked off their flight to Costa Rica for changing seats.

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